Why Do Women Like Flowers So Much?

Published: Tuesday 30 January 2024

why do women like flowers so much


There are a million reasons (or excuses) a girl could give you to justify her blind love for flowers, but we thought we’d do a little bit more research and go beyond the typical explanations and see what it is about flowers that women love so much? The results might surprise you!


A little history about why women love flowers

The history of using flower arrangements goes back to the Egyptian times, when Pharaohs would place flowers in vases for table decorations, use them for funeral processions, or to adorn their war cart before heading into battle.

On the other hand, Egyptian women loved flowers too, as they were an important aspect of their life. They use to adore fresh flower arrangements, and were the first to immortalise them as artificial flowers using certain materials.

Later in the medieval era, women liked flowers because of their scent; serving them as perfume, rather than decoration. In those times, baths were a luxury to have and people didn’t bathe very often. So to minimise their body odour, women would use bouquets of fragrant flowers to smell fresh and pretty on their wedding day.


The emotional impact of flowers

Fast track to modern women who live in a fast-paced world, surrounded by technology all the time, who often forget to stop and stare at something beautiful and just breathe for a second.

As busy women, between our jobs, families, friends, hobbies and interests, it feels we are always on the run. A good way to remind us to pause and enjoy for a second is by receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers, especially if they are for a special occasion. Whether is for an anniversary, birthday, job promotion, valentine’s day, party or a new baby, women love flowers and all the great benefits associated with them.


Why is this?

According to this study published by The State University of New Jersey, flowers provide us with a simple way to improve emotional health by triggering happy emotions, memories, heightening feelings of satisfaction and promoting good and healthy social behaviour.

The research team explored this brain-flower relationship over a 10-month period, focusing on the participant’s behavioural and emotional responses when being in contact with flowers. Most of the participants were women, however, for some particular study cases, both women and men were evaluated. Some findings of the study were:

  • The different colours of the flowers can have a positive impact on our mental health via chromotherapy or colour therapy. This type of therapy uses colours to stimulate emotions and happy thoughts.
  • Flowers have a direct impact on happiness. In fact, all the participants, male and female and from all age groups, expressed true and exciting smiles upon receiving a bunch of flowers, showing delight and gratitude.
  • Staring at flowers also proved beneficial for long-term moods. The study participants expressed feeling less depressed, anxious and stressed after either receiving or looking at flowers, showing delight and overall contentment of how they lives were.
  • Flowers made them connect more. It is also believed flowers make intimate connections, increasing interaction with family and friends. That is why is beneficial to place flowers in our homes, especially when we have guests, to boost our social mood.
  • Flowers can boost memory effects for both males and females. When presented to elderly participants ( 55 years old), flowers made them experience positive moods in general and showed an improvement in episodic memory (a person’s unique memory for a specific event).


why women love flowers

So there you go! Flowers can have a true and positive impact in women’s lives, feelings and emotions, leading us to actually feel happier. Even that throughout history it has been established that women love flowers, this study has shown that men can also enjoy the benefits a beautiful bunch of flowers can provide.

Flowers are beautiful, and they stand out. They deserve to be enjoyed, and looking at a bunch of flowers can be the perfect brief, relaxing break we need during our busy day to get rid of any stress we may have and boost our energy levels. With flowers, you’ll be able to manage your daily and long term moods in a healthy, natural and beautiful way.


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