Unique Wedding Flower Options For Your Big Day

Published: Tuesday 30 January 2024

There’s no denying the beauty of the lily or the romance of the rose – but what flowers are out there for those looking to add a distinctive touch of character to their wedding day? Beyond the classics and usual favourites, there are plenty of unique wedding flowers available for the bride looking to add a little personality to their wedding decorations. What’s more, playing around with not only different floral options but also unusual yet beautiful textures, colour palettes, and fragrances can add a stamp of personality to help make your special day one to remember!

Unique wedding flower options for your big day


Gaining popularity in recent years, the eclectic palette of succulent hues make for a modern addition to any wedding bouquet, reception or service.

The natural greens, blush pink and wide variety of blues in a series of architectural shapes go hand in hand with the native Australian setting. White waratahs, textured peonies, magnolia and even gumnuts are great options to add a native twist to your big day. Rustic yet chic, succulents and natives make for a particularly striking table centrepiece, or corsage.


Rich shades of purple, dark reds and navy blue – reminiscent of forest fruits – have made a big comeback on the fashion catwalks in recent years, so it’s no surprise that these sumptuous hues have made the crossover into wedding styling as well.

If you’re not afraid of a deep splash of colour, why not take it a step further and incorporate actual berries into your big day? (And we don’t just mean on the cake, either!) Wedding bouquets featuring berries of all types and colours, as either a stylistic focus or a minor accent, are on the rise. Marking a natural complement to big, bright flowers, they’re a great way of adding a subtly unique textural touch to a more traditional floral theme.

Beyond the bouquet, they’re also great for aisle and table decorations, with privet berries in particular adding a springtime feel to the proceedings.


To continue the fruity theme, but take it on a bolder turn, why not add a vibrant burst of colour to your wedding with citrusy oranges?

Particularly well-suited to an outdoors wedding, and brides who aren’t afraid of bright colour options, delicate kumquats are a wedding stylist’s dream. They’re small enough to not overwhelm, but their unmissable orange colour makes for a beautiful accent easily paired with more traditional wedding flowers (succulents included!).

Citrus are especially welcome in garden style and country-side weddings, bringing it back to the beautiful setting of the big day. They are also a lovely addition to the fragrance of your day, bringing a fresh and tropical aroma.


Cotton? At a wedding? It’s definitely not the first fabric to come to mind for weddings, particularly not for dresses! Though in bouquets and centrepieces, cotton can actually make a charming and playful addition to your wedding styling.

Its unusual, puffy texture can break up an overly rich bouquet, or add a touch of whimsy when paired with faded autumnal tones. It’s also a humble addition to an all white bouquet, providing a great base layer to larger white blooms.


For brides who’d like a nod to the Gatsby era on their big day, there are always feathers!

Soft and delicate, yet big on flair, white feathers are an elegant addition to reception décor, and an easy way to turn an ordinary bouquet into a dramatic, statement piece. We’d recommend sticking to white feathers on the small, dainty side of the spectrum, unless it’s a themed wedding.


If you’re looking for unique greenery to surround your wedding flowers, the distinctive shape and beautiful texture of ferns make for a striking choice. Again ideal for an outdoors wedding, particularly one set amidst a forest or other beautiful natural setting, ferns bring a romantic, Victorian-era yet also very Pinterest-y touch to a wedding bouquet: old-fashioned yet avant-garde.

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