Trending Wedding Colour Palettes For 2017

Published: Tuesday 30 January 2024


You don’t have to be a Pinterest addict or Pantone aficionado to know that choosing the right colour palette for your wedding is incredibly important.

From your reception décor to your bridesmaids’ dresses, your wedding invitations to the all-important wedding flowers, the colour palette is one of those simple yet evocative elements that can help bring your long-held wedding dreams to life. Here are some on-trend colour combinations for wedding style perfection you might like to try.

Up-and-coming colour palettes to consider for your wedding

Nudes and metallics

Understated, flattering and easy to mix and match, nude may just be the defining colour of the decade – so it’s no surprise that this popular colour is having a moment in weddings, too.

Consider nude for your nail polish, bridesmaids’ dresses and wedding shoes, and mix it up with complementary colours like blush pink or rose gold.

You can also add a bit of bling to your big day, while still complementing the neutral tones, with subtle yet powerful metallic accents. Whether the classic gold, silver and bronze or the trendier options of copper and rose gold, metallic hues can bring a special sparkle to your wedding invitations and table decorations.

Something blue

Sapphire to duck egg, turquoise to navy – it’s hard to go wrong with ‘something blue’ on your wedding palette because there are simply so many different tones and shades to play around with.

A pared-back dusty blue has been on the rise as a wedding colour for some time now, seen in many bridesmaids’ dresses. Then there are pretty periwinkle flowers, the countless shades of blue well-suited to the groomsmen’s neckties or suits, and the sophisticated navy accent that provides a classy neutral base colour for an otherwise vibrant palette.

Warm autumn colours

A variety of warm, autumnal colour palettes are blooming in popularity as wedding themes, offering a fresh yet comforting touch to the big day. Don’t be fooled by the name, though; these colours are not only perfect for autumn, as the name suggests, but also make great wedding colours for summer through to winter, depending on your venue.

From burnt orange to sage green to the wide variety of berry tones out there (think cranberry, raspberry, plums and more), autumn offers a versatile wedding theme to work with – and, excitingly, a particularly varied, colourful range of floral centrepiece options at your disposal.

With its hints of rustic flair, it’s also particularly well suited to experimenting with pretty, Pinterest-style artisanal touches and wedding ideas for your special day. You can even take the autumn theme a step further by adding unusual design touches and textures – like berries – to your bouquet, table decorations or décor.

Classic whites

It doesn’t get much more bridal than white, the quintessential wedding colour itself. Whether you prefer cream, off-white, eggshell ivory or pure white itself, it’s a great shade to incorporate in your special day, even beyond the wedding dress.

Neutral colours like ivory are regarded a safe bet for bridesmaid dresses – easily amped up with brighter accessories to match any other colours in your wedding palette – while minimalist brides might like to play around with other neutral pairings like soft peaches or hints of grey.

Then there is the timeless elegance of all-white table linen, the classic white wedding cake, and the endless wedding flower options, from baby’s breath to tuberose to white lilies.

Pretty in pink

A perennial favourite for its feminine, romantic connotations, pink is back and bigger than ever. Vogue France called pink one of the colours to watch out for in 2017: from blush rose to bubble gum pink and even magenta.

When it comes to your wedding floral arrangements, the sheer range of pink flowers to pick from is another great reason to go pink on your big day. There are pastel pink roses, the coral pink of the amaryllis flower, fuschia rhododendrons and much more.

As important as it is – and as fun as it can be to choose! – the colour palette is just one element out of dozens you’ll have to plan and prepare for your big day. But there’s no need to fear – with the right advice and planning, all the components will come together nicely. Download our complimentary wedding checklist, below, for tips on planning your ideal wedding.