Send Anniversary Flowers – With A Twist On Tradition

Published: Tuesday 30 January 2024

Everyone loves a good love story, and what better love story is there than that of Dale and Alice Rockey, who have won the title of the longest married couple – with a miraculous 81 years together!  So what’s their secret? Enjoying the same activities, spending quality time together, expecting compromise and practicing patience.

alice_rockey celebrating wedding anniversary

Image Source: Daily Mail UK

So while you might be just celebrating your first anniversary and buying your first anniversary gift, it’s important to think of a personal gift to remind your leading lady why she picked you!

Have you thought to send flowers for your special first anniversary? Whether it’s the type of flowers to send or ways to add a special touch — We’ve outlined a few traditional turn modern ideas on how to send flowers to your special someone across all budgets for that perfect first anniversary gift.

Anniversary traditions

A good place to start is with tradition. First wedding anniversaries through history have been celebrated with a gift of paper. If you’d like to keep to tradition, we have an idea up our sleeve to help you along with the perfect 1st anniversary gift.

What’s her favourite song? Send flowers wrapped in the sheet music to her favourite song! Not only easy, but romantic! It will remind her everytime she hears the song and wonder how you managed to send flowers so thoughtfully. Extra points if its your wedding song, or a song you share a love of.

sheet music paper for unique flower arrangements to send

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Natural enviroment

Think about where the two of you met, your first date, a favourite spot or even your wedding or reception venue. Think about what was in the natural environment that day (use a photo, or jump online and do some research if you need a reminder). Send flowers that are a special reminder to your lady that you still think back and have fond memories. She’ll be so impressed at your out of the box thoughtfulness – it’ll fast become her favourite bunch of flowers. Extra points if you can get your local florist a photo from the day to include with the message in the card.

Repeat her bouquet

A bride’s bouquet can easily be her favourite part of her wedding day. Memories attached to ‘the toss’, holding it while she walked down the aisle and choosing the colours and flowers to be included will all be etched into her mind forever. Show her you remember the details of your shared day together by repeating her bouquet and having it sent to her! To send flowers that are exact matches to her bouquet should be easy as it is seasonally the same, just make sure you take photos back to your florist for the recreation! Extra points if you wrap sheet music from your wedding song around the bouquet for delivery.

Gift her a planter box

Take advantage your first anniversary by gifting something for your new home together. Plants symbolise life and can be an excellent gift to commemorate important milestones. They are also scientifically proven to increase happiness. The first year of marriage is exciting and humbling all in one – why not gift your lady love a permanent reminder of how alive your feelings are for her! Cactus and succulents don’t seem all that romantic, but are enduring plant species which adapt well to all environments – kind of like marriage. Other options are herbs, lavender, an orchid or some easy to grow flowers for a low maintenance option.


Not married yet and going for a first date anniversary?

This can be tricky territory, with some couples going all out and others being a little more reserved. The key is always thoughtfulness, irrespective of budget. Flowers are a no brainer to make your special one feel special. To take it up a level, try think of a memory or something she has said from your first year in passing to guide you. If you are a bit stuck, Australian Natives are a hit this season with most every woman.


Take a look at our pinterest boards for some alternative ideas across all budgets for your special someone on your first anniversary. If you want to make it to 81 years like Dale and Alice, call in the help of award winning local florists Sydney Flowers. Here to help make your special day perfect, with no request too large. We love being able to help you make your moment and love to hear about it on our Facebook page!

Addition: *Sadly, Alice Rockey has passed away on April 8th, 2015. She leaves behind her husband and an extensive family including her 5 children, 15 grandchildren, 29 great grandchildren and 7 great-great grandchildren. She is remembered for her love of life, caring nature and her hospitality.*