Spring Flowers For Baby Arrival Gifts

Published: Tuesday 30 January 2024

flowers for Baby_Arrivals

Spring is the time for NEW things. New flowers in bloom, new days starting at new times, new outfits with less layers and new babies in abundance!

Spring is the single biggest baby delivery season year round, with the most common months for birthdays being September and October and the most shared birthday as September 16th.

So to celebrate the joy of all these new babes and blooms, here’s our gift guide for celebrating new mums and babies and their bundle of joy.


Flowers for baby celebrations

Flowers are always a welcome gift for a new baby. Flowers are scientifically proven to make us happy, so receiving new baby flowers is a delight. To make the gift that little more personal, why not consider theming the gift with the new baby’s birthstone?  With Spring in the air and the abundance of new flowers of all sizes and hues, take advantage of creating a personal palette or we can provide a custom bouquet in colours on your recommendation.


September – Sapphire

Seasonal flowers in hues of blue aren’t just for welcoming boy babies! Beautiful blue blooms are available to accompany fresh whites and greens – and we can supply you with a gift card to explain your sentimental choice of bouquet.  Why not send flowers that include iris, hydrangea, asters, delphinium, lilac, forget me not’s or lavender to celebrate a September baby?


October – Opal

Opals are a rare and wonderful stone, with a little piece of lightning within them. Celebrating with fresh flowers of white, turquoise, pink and orange will bring cheer to your newly excited mum. Why not include anemones, peonies, chrysanthemums, lilies, gardenia, waxflower, roses, and a hint of jasmine for fragrance.


November – Topaz

Radiant like the sun, November babies are arriving just in time for Summer, but before the fresh spring air turns humid. This a great time to promote happy feelings with a big bunch of citrine coloured petals to cheer up a tired new mum. Ranunculus, gerberas , tulips, sunflowers, roses, carnations and daffodils are all perfect choices as flowers for baby celebrations.



Consider whether you will send them to the hospital or the home. If your going with hospital, send a vase alongside. Spring is a busy time of year and the hospital can only keep so many on hand. Also, your new Mum will have to transport them home, so consider sending gifts later to her home if you know she is already inundated at the hospital.


Not wanting to leave it at flowers for baby?

Why not send an accompaniment to your arrangement!

We can have your new Mummy friend feeling spoilt with a box of chocolates, bottle of champagne, or a yummy and healthy basket of fruit to snack on in that first week at home?

Other handy gift idea options for new mums include:

  • organising meals
  • organising a cleaning lady
  • offering to do the groceries
  • offering to do the washing (at your place)
  • pampering session at a local spa

Any new mum will already feel like she has received the greatest gift of all!


For any personal or additional requests for your new baby gift –contact Sydney Flowers and we can help you send a beautiful gift this Spring.