Best Christmas Table Arrangements

Published: Tuesday 30 January 2024


Christmas lunch (or dinner) is one of the ultimate highlights of the holiday season – there are few things more enjoyable than sitting down to eat delicious food with our loved ones. Whether it’s an intimate meal for just you and the family, or you’re hosting a large gathering, having a beautifully decorated Christmas table is a very important part of the celebration. As Sydney florists, we know that whether you go with traditional, modern or minimalist, your Christmas table needs to reflect your individual family style. Here are our top tips for creating your perfect Christmas table arrangement.


Top tips for creating the perfect Christmas table

Your Christmas Table Arrangement should suit the style of your meal.

Your table setting should tie in with the type of meal you’re planning to have – there’s no point in putting together an overly formal table setting if you’re going to be hosting a casual BBQ! Think about the type of food you will be eating, and the way you’ll be eating it – will your guests be having a sit down meal with food served to them, or will you have a buffet style lunch spread? Do you really need the full suite of cutlery, and how many glasses will you need per person? As much as the table should look beautiful, it should also be practical and add to the enjoyment of the meal as a whole.

More casual Christmas tables don’t have to be boring – there are still plenty of beautiful ways you can set your table for a more relaxed Christmas meal:

christmas-decorations-for your-table

A casual Christmas table setting for your festive feast. (Image credit: Julie Blanner)

Keep it simple

We can all be guilty of a little ‘more is more is more!’ at Christmas time, but when it comes to styling your table you need to be careful not to overdo. Try to keep to two or three key colours, and add extra sparkle by using metallics and coloured glassware or candleholders. You can stick with traditional colour combos like red, green and gold, or opt for something a little more modern like teal and silver.

White and gold is one of our favourite colour themes – its traditional, elegant and can easily be personalised through pops of colour in table napkins, flowers  or place cards:

white and gold christmas table arrangements

White and gold table settings are a seasonal classic. (Image credit: Inspired By This)


Think about the space

While it’s important that your Christmas table arrangement is stunning to look at, it must also be functional. Avoid tablescapes and centrepieces which dominate the space and make it difficult for your guests to interact. Sure, that huge flowering centerpiece looks incredible, but if it stops your guests from being able to make eye contact or hold a conversation over the table, then it’s hindering the best part of Christmas lunch – the conversation! Think about the size of your table and how many people will be sitting around it, and make sure your guests are going to have enough room for their elbows (and wine glasses!). If space is going to be at a premium, opt for a simple table setting with a fresh flower centrepiece:

fancy christmas table arrangements

Where function and beauty collide. (Image credit: Home Life)

Make your Christmas table unique for your family

Do you have heirloom china, or special glassware? Now is the time to dust it off. Those special pieces which hold significance for your family should be incorporated into your Christmas table arrangement to add a personal touch. Do you have a favourite flowering tree in your garden? Include these flowers into your table setting. Get crafty and make your own place cards or baubles to dress the table – this is a great time to get the kids involved.
(Image credit: Martha Stewart)

Make the most of your environment.

With the sun shining outside, and many of us heading off to beach or countryside holidays, a rustic country or beach themed Christmas table can be a beautiful way to celebrate. Layer natural, woven fabrics in warm neutral tones of white, beige and sandy gold. Add a touch of colour with bright blue glassware, or green foliage from your garden. If you’re celebrating Christmas at the family beach house, get crafty with the kids in the days beforehand and make table decorations using seashells and small pieces of driftwood.


(Image credit: Decorating Ideas)

If you’re looking for more inspiration for your Christmas table arrangement give the team at Sydney flowers a call today. We can arrange a delivery of beautiful fresh flowers to be included in your table setting, and can work with your theme to create the perfect custom centrepiece to bring your table to life.