5 Colour Palettes For Spring Weddings You’ll LOVE

Published: Tuesday 30 January 2024

Planning your Spring nuptials and overwhelmed in the Pinterest landscape for your colour palette? We’ve kept it simple and brought you the five key colour palettes for Spring weddings – right down to how to implement the colour strategy into your wedding flowers.

We’ve been busy on our favourite colour palette site Design Seeds to show you exactly how easy it can be to come up with something you love that is easy to implement across your stationary, flowers, table settings, and all aspects of your styling.

5 Colour Palettes for Spring Weddings:

Trend 1 – Pastel pinks, nudes and golds

wedding colour palettes pastel pinks

Image source: Design Seeds Sweet Tones

A simple, elegant and traditional palette has made a strong comeback for the Australian Spring. Pastel pinks, nudes, blushes, golds, ivory and cream have all worked together to bring an ombre feel and texture to a very clean and feminine palette.

What wedding flowers to use?

Roses, peonies, freesias and jasmine all in season.

How to style?

You can highlight your palette with metallics and textural finishes – like linen, glitter, candles, white painted timber and silk.

Trend 2 – Amethyst

wedding colour palettes amethyst purples

Image source: Design Seeds Mineral Tones 6

Amethyst is a very on trend colour right now – with purple being the colour of this amazing crystal. Amethyst is known to provide calm, balance, patience and peace – it’s no wonder it is so popular. No bridesmaid could turn you down with this classic colour, suiting every skin tone.

What wedding flowers to use?

Roses, succulents, orchids, wax flower and the white waratah.

How to style?

Keep this palette clean with a play on light. Use the body of darker colours to take it formal or play to the fairer greys for the boys suits. Let the amethyst be the star of show – don’t incorporate any competing colours – try and keep it neutral. Bonus points for incorporating actual crystals to support happy affirmations on your wedding day.

Trend 3 – Succulent Hues

wedding colour palettes succulent hues with greens

Image source: Design Seeds Nature Hues 38

Stronger colours inspired by Australian Natives and natural colours in our environment are very popular leading up to the warmer months. Our Australian bride’s are finding it particularly easy to built this eclectic scheme with a native colour palette and classic theme. The blush pink lightens the heavier blues and makes for flattering colours for bridesmaids and groomsmen.

What wedding flowers to use?

The white waratah, succulents of any kind, smoke bush, gumnuts, textured peonies, leucadendron and magnolia are strong architectural varieties that add texture and interest.

How to style?

We love the idea of using the richer variety of blues for the base colour scheme with highlights of blush and plenty of natural greenery. Soft lighting, textural floral centrepieces, hessian and linen textures and even a hay bale or two for additional seating. The beauty is in the diversity of this colour palette – somehow it all just works together so seamlessly.

Trend 4 – Dusk

wedding colour palettes pastels beach

Image source: Design Seeds Setting Tones 9

Pastel hues of a seaside sunset on a perfect day is great inspiration for your wedding palette. Perfect for afternoon to evening ceremonies with great lighting for photos, and a calm and fresh environment for your guests as they move into dinner. This styling works well with relaxed couples who want a no fuss scheme that’s still beautiful and light.

What wedding flowers to use?

The white magnolia, peonies, miniature pastel pink roses, freesias, and lavender are great seasonal choices that will add fragrance and texture – while still looking fresh and clean.

How to style?

We love the idea of using lots of beachy beiges and whites and keeping the styling really fresh with this palette. Soft, floaty fabric with fairy lights and lanterns will enhance the twilight mood, with a great background soundtrack to accompany.  This scheme works best in an understated fashion, with clear direction towards setting a relaxed mood.

Trend 5 – Monochrome

wedding colour palettes monochrome purples

Image source: Design Seeds Feathered Tones 15

Monochrome is a classic traditional palette that adds some masculinity to the styling of your day. With tonal variation you are able to have either grey scale monochrome palette or stark black and white for your detailing. To soften a monochromatic


What wedding flowers to use?

Classic or textural flowers work well in this scheme – depending on the bride’s desires!

Classic choices include the magnolia, orchids, peonies and lilies which will all hold their own. For a less traditional approach, try freesias, spray roses, spray painted gumnuts, the white waratah and include feather’s for texture and depth.

How to style?

Again, monochrome can work into the boho bride or classic bride palette effortlessly.

The classic bride will want to keep the blacks and whites crisp – with any colour addition being very intentional. Often a metallic works well in the mix with lots of architectural greenery and light effects. The stark palette needs to look very intentional to work well. The good news is this one is easy to scale and often quite inexpensive – with a lux look.

The boho bride will be able to add a myriad of textural, tonal accompaniments to the table settings and lighting options. Eclectic and monochromatic palettes can work well if they are “thrown together”. Think mismatched crystal, black candles, black and metallic place settings or drink tags. Lots of mismatched (but considered) greenery and fresh, plump white flowers of varying sizes and textures add interest and freshness on a budget.

Looking at a different colour palette? Here’s a guide to wedding flowers by season.

Every bride has a rough idea what she likes and doesn’t like, but might need some help pulling it all together. Pinterest can be a brides best friend and worst nightmare in one sitting, being overwhelmed with excellent ideas across too many themes or palettes. For help adapting your wedding palette to your wedding styling and wedding flowers choices, Sydney Flowers can help! To discover how to make your dream wedding a reality (with your budget in mind) contact us for a free consultation.