4 Reasons To Order Your Flowers Online For Valentines

Published: Tuesday 30 January 2024

order your flowers online

It’s so close you can taste it – Valentine’s is only around the corner. You’re probably knee deep in plans, concocting a lovely surprise for your partner. Why not take the stress of one gift out of the mix and order your flowers online for Sydney delivery this Valentine’s Day?

Here are 4 pretty convincing reasons to take care of your ‘love’ business and order your flowers online today:

1. For the sake of convenience – do it now.

We are all busy people – sometimes, too busy to remember the most important people in our lives.  Valentine’s day is supposed to be a day of celebrating romantic love which can go down pretty badly if forgotten. You can avoid a last minute dash to Woollies for your Valentine’s shopping and order your flowers online from Sydney Flowers.  Not only will you be sure to remember if you do it right now, but you won’t have to be secretly disappearing over the weekend or hiding flowers in your beverage fridge over the weekend.

Get ahead of your “busy” and place your order now to avoid disappointment and the inevitable mayhem that comes with purchasing a last minute gift. Women really do love flowers, so why not give her what she likes?

2. Keep it simple.

You don’t have to come up with something that changed the world. Couples can make the mistake of going really crazy at this time of year, when the real history of Valentine’s day is all about the celebration of love – nothing more. To really celebrate your partner in crime, you can choose a classic, traditional, modern or spontaneous gift that is a reminder that you love them. Simple as that! It could be taking them to a surprise lunch, making them a card, providing them some time out to themselves at a spa or a even giving them a facial or treatment yourself. Choose something that will bring them a smile and make their day.

3. Why not surprise them?

Possibly the best part about ordering your flowers online is the surprise you will give your partner when they get the knock on the door! It’s always nice to have a surprise gift arrive, especially if you can’t see it coming. We can have your flowers delivered while you are there for an extra special moment!

4. Take care of Valentine’s in one place

Whether you wanted to give flowers, chocolates, champagne or a teddy, Sydney Flowers have got your Valentine’s Day covered. It’s your one stop shop for romantic gifts! Let Jo and her team of talented florists take care of you and your partner with a lovely bouquet, and anything you would like to add on to the order. Last orders for same day delivery will need to be taken by 1pm Sunday – so even if you have left it to the last minute, we can have something delivered to you on Sunday.

Fear not! We are open this whole weekend to service your Valentine’s Day flowers and can have them delivered the same day! You can shop valentines products here or contact us on 1300 30 30 31 for a direct order.

Flowers for Valentines Day