Sentimental Gift Ideas For Mum

With Mothers Day fast approaching, we bring our thoughts around to mothers day gifts for the special women in our life. We might be celebrating our own mum, the mother of our own children, a friend who is a mother or a mothers day gift for someone special to you for any reason at all. No matter who this special lady is, we’re sure you are looking for a sentimental gift idea for Mothers Day that shows her just how special she is.

It goes without saying that there are millions of special Mum’s worldwide that deserve a special day. At Sydney Flowers, we understand the special spoiling a Mum deserves and love creating perfect Mother’s Day gifts for your mum’s. For something with an extra special hit of sentiment this year, we’ve collected some ideas that are a little more personal.

Sentimental Gift Ideas For Mothers Day:

Personalised cookbook


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Heard of Blurb? This site is a genius way to make her recipes heirlooms! Most of us have a scent memory that takes us back to when Mums cooking was taken for granted. Give her the Mother’s Day gift that shows you have fond memories created by her talent in the kitchen. Mum not much of a cook? What about a green thumb or a grey nomad? Compile her travel photos, photos from her ‘glory days’ or her family photo’s and keep them safe eternally in the bindings of a book.


Floriography Bouquet


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Did you know that flowers were sent as secret messages once upon a time? That a white carnation meant sweet and lovely and a red rose meant love and respect and it was a language of its own? Send your Mum a Mother’s Day gift telling her how you feel using flowers! You can explain in your card what the message is, though I’m sure it will say “I Love you!” in one of a thousand ways!


Joint journal


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Sometimes the good old fashioned feeling of putting pen to paper is just what you need to feel free again. Jotting down all of lifes joys, wonders and trouble’s can feel like a big hug. Take it one step further by starting a joint journal! This Mother’s day gift lasts the year through with the commitment to having a penpal style relationship with your mum via a portal to her most raw feelings. A lovely memento for you both!


Teacup garden


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Has your Mum got a china set she never uses? Maybe an old heirloom, a set from her wedding that sits in a cupboard untouched? Depending on her attachment to them (you might want to check with your Dad too) why not turn these into something she can see and even use everyday? Teacup gardens are an easy and beautiful way to bring greenery indoors. Low maintenance plants such as cactus and succulents are perfect for this gift, but you can choose something more fragrant if you like! Speak to your local florist about creating a perfect teacup garden this mothers day for something a little different!


“Me time” gifts


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Our Mum’s have worked tirelessly to provide all the love, support, lifts, dinners, washing and everything else to keep their children happy. Whether you are celebrating your mum, or any other busy Mum, sometimes the best Mother’s Day gift is some quiet time to herself. Consider what she likes best, whether it’s a massage, a yoga class, a beauty treatment or even just a “time out” of her choosing. “Me time” is often the hardest gift to get yourself – so treat that special Mum!


Experience gifts


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Has your Mum been sky diving? Ours hasn’t either – does she want to? Skydiving might be a little extreme, but maybe there’s something else a little out of the ordinary your Mum would like to do, but won’t do for or by herself! Maybe an author she likes is doing a reading, a samba dance class has her name on it, or a ticket to somewhere she hasn’t been would do her nicely. It’s been proven by science that we should invest in memories, not things. Think about her and then stretch back in your memory to things she may have mentioned in passing over the years and spoil her!


Framed photo


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Sometimes it’s the smallest things that mean the most. A picture tells a thousand stories and if it’s one with you both it’s sure to mean a lot. With advancements in technology we all seem to store our photos on our phones or devices instead of on our walls. Give her something tangible that includes a nice memory for you both that will keep giving back to her, everytime she looks at it.


Are you geared up and ready to go with a Mother’s Day gift idea to suit your amazing Mum? We’d love to hear all about your idea on our Facebook page! If we can help you out with a bunch of flowers for the special lady that raised you, call us on 1300 30 30 31 to order in advance and have them delivered direct to your Mum or available for collection!