Personal Mothers Day Gift Ideas

thoughtful mothers day gift flowers

Few people in our lives deserve to be spoiled quite as much as mothers – from our own mother, mother-in-law or another maternal figure, to the mother of our children, a friend with kids, or all of the above!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to best spoil the special women in your life. This year, on top of the expected Mother’s Day flowers and chocolates, you might like to bring an extra personal touch to your gift. From sentimental presents to shared adventures to DIY gifts, here’s our round-up of great Mother’s Day gift ideas to bring a smile to your mother’s face.

Idea for a thoughtful Mothers Day gift

Go on a surprise road trip

Looking back, many of our most treasured childhood memories happened while on holiday – so why not recreate the experience with your mum? A road trip is the perfect excuse to explore a new or favourite part of the world while spending quality time with the special lady in your life.

For those of us in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley and Central Coast are all great short road trip options, while the sparkling white beaches of Jervis Bay aren’t too far either. Further afield, the opportunities are endless, from Byron Bay to an outback adventure out west – if your mum’s schedule allows for a solid week off, she may even appreciate an interstate road trip.

Remember, if it’s a surprise, you’re in charge of the logistics so your mother can relax and unwind during the drive. Research and organise any accommodation bookings, sights and destinations in advance – and don’t forget snacks for the road!

Print a photo book

In today’s digital world, where few of us take hard-copy photographs anymore in favour of digital images, photo books are a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day. Whether you order yours online, or print it yourself at Officeworks or Kmart,photo books are a simple yet thoughtful way to put together a touching collection of memories.

Select your photographs in advance to save time during the actual layout process. You may also like to familiarise yourself with a few basic design principles – like incorporating focal points and variety across your spreads – to make sure your photo book layoutis as beautiful as it is sentimentally valuable.

Make a mixtape

Music is another powerful way of sharing memories with a loved one, and though you may not share the same taste as her, your mum is no exception.

A personalised mixtape filled with all your mother’s favourite songs, from her teenage years through to today, is a great way to show you care. Plus you’ll know she’s thinking of you every time the CD plays – perhaps even on her next road trip!

Recreate your favourite family cake

The way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach, and it doesn’t get much better than cake. Chances are the mother you’re celebrating knows all too well the effort involved in making scrumptious meals for her loved ones, and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to repay the favour.

Whether it’s a complex, multi-tiered concoction or an easy old family faithful, baking your family’s favourite cake or dessert will make sure your mother has an appetising Mother’s Day.

Go on an adventure together

As exciting as tangible gifts can be, many mothers of all ages are just as happy to simply spend time with their kids. From bushwalking to kayaking, scuba diving to bungee jumping, you could accompany her on her favourite weekend pastime or amp up the adrenalin during a once-in-a-lifetime experience together. The choices are endless.

If your mother prefers adventures on the safer side, why not treat her to a shopping spree or culinary exploration instead? Check out upcoming food and wine festivals, or nearby cooking or chocolate-making classes. A film festival, writer’s festival or other local event may be more up her alley – whatever her interests, she’s bound to enjoy your company.

Buy tickets to a show

Another Mother’s Day gift option is tickets to a musical, play or other live performance for the two of you to enjoy together. With a great line-up of shows hitting Sydney this year, you and your mother are spoiled for choice when it comes to theatrical experiences.

Whether you’re planning a sentimental, adventurous or creative and quirky surprise for your mum this Mother’s Day, you can make her special day even brighter with a beautiful floral arrangement. Our award-winning florist is happy to help choose the right bloom for your mother to make sure she has a day to remember. Book in advance for guaranteed delivery.

thoughtful mothers day gift