How To Keep Your Flowers Alive Longer

At Sydney Flowers, we know that an arrangement of your favourite flowers can improve your mood, increase your happiness and by placing a gorgeous arrangement in a room, serenity is instantly created. From the perfume to the vibrant colours, a floral arrangement has the power to transform its surroundings. But when a beautiful bouquet starts to wilt, it can be a sad sight, a brown bouquet of floppy flowers bears no resemblance to the vibrant ones that sat there just a few days ago.

We’ve spent more than a few years providing flowers to clients all over Sydney and we have a number of tricks up our sleeves to make sure your arrangement stays beautiful. Ordering your Sydney flowers online can give you a fresh bunch of designer flowers that you can keep alive for longer with these tips!

Ways To Keep Your Beautiful Blooms Alive Longer

You need food and so do flowers

We all know that flowers need water in the vase to stay healthy. Adding flower food to the water in the vase will ensure your delivery from Sydney Flowers online stays fresh and healthy for longer. We will provide the food your flowers love with your bouquet but if you run out and don’t have any flower food on hand why not put together your own, it’s simple.

Keep the flowers and fruit separate

A bowl of fruit next to a vibrant, bouquet of fresh flowers makes for a picturesque home setting, many of us are unaware that fruit and flowers just don’t mix! The ethylene gas released by some fruits during the ripening process actually speeds up the process of your flowers blooming, causing them to wilt more quickly. If you want to prolong the life of your bouquet or arrangement, keep them away from the fruit bowl.

Flowers in the window is a no-no

Keeping your flowers on the window sill or in front of a window is another sure-fire way to see them wilt more quickly. It’s best to keep cut flowers out of direct sunlight as rays from the sun can damage the petals and leaves causing them to brown prematurely. Cut flowers actually enjoy cooler temperatures more, so if you can find a place in your home that doesn’t heat up you’ll be doing your Sydney Flowers online purchase a favour. Nobody wants brown roses.

Keep the water clean

Make sure to change the water in the vase every day or so. This will reduce the opportunity for nasty bacteria to grow that can harm the flowers and lead to them wilting faster. While you’re at it, make sure that any of the leaves below water level have been pruned.

Don’t use scissors!

When you get your flowers I’m sure a majority of you have been told to cut the stems in order to allow the flower to take in more water, this is true. However, using scissors can bruise stems causing damage and affecting the longevity of the flower itself. Instead of scissors use a sharp serrated knife to cut the ends of your flower stem on an angle. By cutting the stems on an angle you increase the surface area and increase the ability for water uptake.

So the next time you order a bouquet of Sydney Flowers online, keep a few of these tips up your sleeve. Not only will your flowers stay healthier, they’ll also keep your room looking more beautiful and feeling more peaceful. It has been scientifically proven that flowers are the perfect pick-me-up for a less than perfect mood, so make sure you’re doing all you can to keep your flowers around for longer.

If you want to get a fresh bouquet or send a gift to a friend, give us a call or order from Sydney Flowers online. We would love to help put together a beautiful arrangement for you with a little bit of free happiness on the side!