Does Your Chosen Wedding Date Match Your Wedding Flower Options?


Wedding flowers can be the most important decoration on your big day. The flowers you choose can set the tone, colour theme and feel of the day. Most brides draft up a mood board of hundreds of bouquets that are divine – but wouldn’t it be nice to know the flowers you covet are a reality for your day of days? Asking your florist about wedding flower availability is a good idea, but you can get a headstart! Let’s take a look at whether your wedding date and your favourite flowers matchup, (and other options you might not have thought of too!)

Here are some seasonal breakdowns that should be taken with a grain of salt. Flowers are living things that can depend on the seasons, climate and rain, so availability varies pending your location. Use the below as a guide and if you choose within season of your wedding date you should be fine!

A guide to wedding flowers year round:

Summer Wedding Flowers 

(December, January, February)

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Summer brings on an abundance of beautiful blooms in a range of colours, textures and sizes! Stealing some inspiration from your decorations, catering, dress and venue can help you with your pre floral planning.  Summer is a wonderful time of year if you would like to go down the Australian natives path for your floral arrangements and bouquet. Most Australian natives thrive in the summer temperatures. If native’s aren’t your thing, you’ll still be spoilt for choice.

Strong Summer contenders for traditional wedding flowers are: Peony roses, magnolia grandiflora, garden roses, orchids, hydrangea, lotus, David Austin Roses, tuberoses and Stephanotis.

With strong Australian Natives available such as: eucalyptus, blackberries, kangaroo paw, Queen Anne’s lace, Billy Buttons, flowering gum, flannel flowers, blushing bride, proteas, and the Waratah.

Autumn Wedding Flowers

(March, April, May)

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With the change in season brings the beautiful deciduous trees and the Autumn tones are everywhere. Autumn weddings tend to have vibrant palettes with rich oranges, reds, yellows and heavy aubergines, though with the cooler climate approaching – you can find an abundance of green fillers and cooler toned blooms in blues and violets.

If you are looking for wedding flowers in Autumn, the strongest in season are: Dryandra, Freesia, Tulips, Dahlias, Celosia, Carnations, strawberry fields, Gardenias, Phalaenopsis orchid,

dahlias, buddleia, sedum, arum lily, gloriosa, cyclamen, lisianthus, tuberose, Mr Lincoln rose, lamb ears, bouvardia,  sweetpea, jonquil and the blushing bride.

You might even be lucky with a warmer lingering summer to have a range of roses that are in good availability in a range of colours.

Winter Wedding Flowers

(June, July, August)

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Winter weddings can have a beautiful tone and mood, with this season presenting the best roses and textured green fillers like winter ferns, begonia leaves and kale and a whole host of other options your local florist can help you out with. Icy toned hues are abundant with flowers like: freesias, baby’s breath, miniature roses, hellebore, anemonies , but don’t give up on colour!

You’ll still have options for a vibrant palette if you like: Banksia, Geraldton wax flower, cammelia, Cymbidian Orchids, Posies, violets, daffodils, daphnes, helleborus, hyacinths, anemones, tulips, magnolia, succulents, violets, poppies and disbuds.

Spring Wedding Flowers

(September, October, November)

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Spring is the season of new life. Anything you could possibly yearn for is available in Spring.

Boronia, smoke bush, yellow bells, peonies, sweet peas, ranunculus, freesias, boronia, jonquils, miniature roses,  jasmine, dogwood, magnolia, cymbidium orchids, hyacinths, leucadendron, white waratah, wax flower – you name it, you can likely have it!

Year Round Wedding Flower Options

Your year round safe bet choices for wedding flowers are wonderful for two reasons – you can have plenty of colour, and you won’t be paying a premium for the seasonality of the item.

Safe choices for your wedding flowers are: Hothouse roses, glasshouse roses, spray roses, lisianthus, phalaenopsis orchids, carnations, succulents, gladiola, Alstroemeria, asiatic lily, daisy, delphinium, oriental lilies, spray carnations, roses, asters, Anthuriums, Chrysanthemums, Cymbidium orchids, Dancing lady orchids, Gerberas, Irises, Molucca Balm, Natives (e.g. Leucadendrons), Singapore orchids, Succulents and Vanda orchids.

Hopefully these suggestions can provide some guidance as to what flowers to pick for your special day that will be in good supply. If you need a month by month breakdown, look no further than this has put together. Note that Australian climates vary drastically from North to South so for a Sydney based quote, call Sydney Flowers for affordable flower arrangements for your big day!

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